Four-Minutes-a-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than a Month

What would you say if we told you that we have a way in which you can transform your body in just 4 minutes? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not anymore. Keep reading. Apparently, you can achieve this not by doing tons of exercises, but just one simple exercise and that is the plank. Hence, if you want to get a great body, you have to find the strength to do the plank every day. Apart from getting a terrific body, you will increase your stamina and energy.

The plank does not give immediate results, however, if you are patient, the results will be amazing. What you have to do is hold the plank for for four weeks. The first week you will have to stay in the position for 20 seconds, after a while, you should slowly and steadily increase the your stamina until you can do it for four minutes. Just follow the next plan we are about to present you.


Day 1 — 20 seconds
Day 2 — 20 seconds
Day 3 — 30 seconds
Day 4 — 30 seconds
Day 5 — 40 seconds

Day 6 — Rest
Day 7 — 45 seconds
Day 8 — 45 seconds
Day 9 — 60 seconds
Day 10 — 60 seconds
Day 11 — 60 seconds
Day 12 — 90 seconds

Day 13 — Rest
Day 14 — 90 seconds
Day 15 — 90 seconds
Day 16 — 120 seconds
Day 17 — 120 seconds
Day 18 — 150 seconds

Day 19 — Rest
Day 20 — 150 seconds
Day 21 — 150 seconds
Day 22 — 180 seconds
Day 23 — 180 seconds
Day 24 — 210 seconds

Day 25 — Rest
Day 26 — 210 seconds
Day 27 — 240 seconds
Day 28 — As long as you can!


First of all, you have to make sure you have chosen the right position. This is how you should do it. Just position your hands correctly. Your elbows should be directly under the shoulders in order to ensure proper weight distribution. Your spine should remain straight. Please avoid rounding and excessive pressure on the neck and back. Just keep the legs slightly apart. You should feel your thighs. Adjust the distance between the legs as necessary and make sure your breathing is slow and your body relaxed. That is it!

Just make sure you follow this plan and do it slow and easy, you will be amazed with your body’s transformation.

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What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

Every person have an unique tongue with specific characteristics, that reflect a lot about the health of every person. When you visit a traditional medicine Chinese  cabinet, the doctor will ask you to show your tongue. And this is for a reason.

Chinese medicine consider the tongue an authentic map of all your body. The shape, color, surface and texture of the tongue are important indicators for any digestive problems or imbalances in the body.
This is how it looks a perfectly healthy tongue: it is pink, with a surface easily white and with a proportional size compared with the mouth.

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health


– A red tongue may be a sign of high temperature in the body, such as fever or a hormonal imbalance that results in bursts of heat or temperature changes.
– A purple tongue is a sign that the circulatory system is affected by a serious injury or a pain in the body. There might also be an inflammation or infection.
– A pale tongue is a sign of a deficiency or a low energy level, common in cases of anemia or after a long illness which weakened the immune system.

Surface of the tongue:

– A thick surface reflects a  serious disease and a poor digestive health.
– A thin surface is normal, but one too thin or the complete lack of it indicate a lack of fluids in the body, or may be a sign that the body is overloaded.
– An yellow surface  indicate fever and / or infection in the body.
– An area of gray or black color indicate a serious health problem in the body.
– A thick whitish area indicates a low temperature in the body, poor circulation and possibly an infection with Candida.


– If the tongue is swollen with teeth marks around the edges, it may be a sign of poor absorption of nutrients; It may indicate also a stagnation of blood and accumulation of toxins.
– A thin tongue is a sign of dehydration or show that a chronic disease left the body without resources

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health #health #beauty #fitness #tongue #diy

Grow Back Your Receding Gums In 2 Weeks

Gingivitis, usually known as gum disease, is a dental issue characterized by symptoms like constant bad breath, red or swollen gums and very sensitive, sore gums that may bleed. If left untreated, it can advance periodontist and become a very serious issue.

Poor oral hygiene, resulting in plaque buildup is the primary cause of gum disease. Other factors that can contribute to this problem, include:

  • Smoking,
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Poor nutrition,
  • Stress,
  • Certain medications,

Luckily, there are things you can do at home, that can help lessen your symptoms, treat gum disease and prevent further complications.

Here you can learn more about the top 10 home remedies for your receding gums:

  1. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic method that is great for oral care. It has an abundance of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It removes toxins right out of your mouth and gums and relieves bad breath.


  • Swish one tablespoon of sesame oil through your teeth.
  • Do this for about 15 minutes or until it becomes thinner and turns milky.
  • Spit it out and rinse your mouth with water.
  • Repeat the process daily for about a month.
  1. Sea Salt

Rinsing your mouth with warm water mixed with some salt, is the simplest method for treating gum infections. The minerals present in sea salt help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.


  • Dissolve a small amount of sea salt in a cup of warm water.
  • Swish a sip of the solution in your mouth for few seconds and spit it out.
  • Do this 2-3 times daily, preferably after brushing.
  1. Tea Bags

The tannic acid in the tea bag (particularly black tea) can work effectively to reduce pain and relieve gum infection.


  • Steep a tea bag in hot water for 10 minutes, and then allow it to cool.
  • Press the tea bag on the affected area and keep it there for about 5 minutes.
  • Regular application will heal your gum infection.
  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea, with its amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, reduces inflammation associated with gum disease.


  • Add two to three teaspoons of chamomile flowers to one cup of hot water.
  • Let the mixture steep for 10 minutes.
  • Then, strain and let it cool.
  • Gargle the tea as a mouthwash.
  • For best results, repeat the process three times a day.
  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has strong anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Due to that, it is used to relieve pain caused by gum infection.


  • All you have to do is to massage your gums with fresh aloe vera gel.
  • Or, you can leave it on for at half an hour and then rinse it off.


  • u can swish some aloe vera juice around in your mouth and spit it out.
  • Also, you can also drink about two teaspoons of aloe vera juice twice a day.

Note: Drinking too much aloe vera juice can have a laxative effect.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that can provide quick relief from irritated and inflamed gums.  A study published in the Australian Dental Journal in 2008 found that topical application of a tea tree oil gel helped reduce gum bleeding and gingivitis.


  • Add a drop or two of tea tree oil on your toothpaste and brush your teeth two times a day.
  • Use it for several weeks.

Note: Do not swallow the oil.

  1. Myrrh

Myrrh is good for maintaining proper oral hygiene because it has antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent properties. It is recommended by herbalists as a remedy for sore gums.


  • Put 10 drops of myrrh tincture in a cup of warm water and use it as a mouth rinse. You can also add a few drops of the tincture to a salt water rinse.
  • Repeat several times, until you get relief.
  1. Coconut Oil

Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil can be used to treat gum disease. Combining it with baking soda will help neutralize the acids in your mouth.


  • Mix two tablespoons each of coconut oil and baking soda.
  • Use this in place of your toothpaste once or twice a week on a regular basis.
  1. Cranberry Juice

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is very important in the immune system function. Due to its high vitamin C content, cranberry juice is excellent for fighting gum disease and infection. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology has associated lower intake of vitamin C with higher rates of periodontal disease.

Drinking up to 4 ounces of cranberry juice daily, can help prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

Also, you can get your daily vitamin C intake by consuming lemons, oranges, grapefruits, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, papaya, red pepper and broccoli.

For anyone with gum disease, it is very important to maintain adequate oral hygiene, including daily brushing and using a mouth rinse to reduce plaque buildup on teeth!

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Top 5 Herbs To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Do you feel anxious, bloated or tired for no particular reason? These are just a few symptoms of hormonal imbalance, a malfunction of one or more hormones in the body which can affect your overall health.

Hormone is a regulatory substance that has an important role in the organism, or more precisely, the hormones stimulate specific cells or tissues into action. Namely, different hormones control our metabolism, growth, reproduction, mood, tissue function many other vital physical functions and processes within our organism.

If the hormone balance is disrupted, you will experience changes in your overall health and your body figure might change, as well. For instance, you may gain weight, even if you exercise regularly and you eat healthy food.

Some of the most common causes of hormonal imbalance are chronic stress, poor diet, environmental pollutants, medical history and even genetics.

The most common symptoms of hormone imbalance are weight gain, hair loss, sleep problems, fatigue, mood swings and depression, skin issues (such as acne), brittle nails and hair, irregular periods, loss of libido, lack of energy, memory fog, headaches, puffy eyes, night sweats, changes in appetite, etc.

Medical experts warn that you should not ignore the signs which indicate hormone imbalance and you need to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis. The conventional treatment for hormone imbalance includes insulin injections, thyroid medications, birth control pills, synthetic hormone replacement therapies, etc.

On the other hand, there are herbs that can help you t balance your hormones on a completely natural way.

Top 5 Herbs To Balance Your Hormones Naturally #health #beauty #herbs #diy #healthy #fitness

Below we are going to present you 5 of the best herbs that you can use to balance your hormones naturally:


The red raspberry is a red-fruited species and its leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. You can prepare a nutrient-dense tea with powerful uterine-strengthening properties. In addition to this, the red raspberry leaf efficiently reduces heavy blood flow, and also you can use it to increase male and female fertility, reduce the pain caused by menstrual cycle, and to revent miscarriage and hemorrhage.

In addition to that, there are studies which have showed that red raspberry leaf significantly decreases the pain during and after labor, nausea caused by pregnancy, and stimulates production of breast milk.


Chaste tree berry also known as Vitex is a herb often used as a natural treatment of hormone imbalance, infertility, menopausal symptoms, endometriosis and preventing miscarriage in the first trimester.

Scientists discovered that this herb regulates the pituitary gland and thus balances the growth, metabolism and body composition.


The Milk thistle is one of the best liver-detox herbs, and doctors explain that a healthy liver is crucial for hormonal balance of the organism. Namely, human liver removes and breaks down the chemicals and drugs from the bloodstream and if there are toxins accumulated in the liver, it cannot function properly and the body will not be able to eliminate the toxins.

In addition to that, it is important to mention that the liver is in charge for elimination of toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and fungus out of the body. Laboratory tests showed that these toxins can mimic hormones, which furthermore can worsen the hormone balance of the organism.


Oat straw is herb that is used to support brain health, but also this herb efficiently calms the central nervous system, strengthens the nerves, improve the mood, digestion and thus soothe the stomach, improve the blood and balance the hormone-producing glands.

The oat straw contains high levels of bio-available magnesium, calcium and silica and it is great for the skeletal system.

Additionally, this herb improves the quality of the skin, hair, nails, reduces high levels of bad cholesterol and supports the heart health.


Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng is natural adaptogen that is particularly efficient in balancing athyroid– and adrenal-hormone imbalances. Namely, the Ashwagandha often is used to reduce stress levels, and as a treatment of hyperthiroidism and hypothyroidism, Hashimoto and Graves disease.

There are studies which have proved that Ashwagandha is beneficial in treatment of depression and anxiety and improves the mood.

Drink This And You’ll Lose 8 Pounds Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Days

Diet is very important for losing belly fat.

Having a flat and healthy-looking belly often requires spending long hours at the gym. However, there another important contributor to great abs, and it’s what you eat. In fact, your diet accounts for 90% of how your abs look like. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the food you eat if you want great-looking belly.

The recipe we provide her is extremely beneficial for giving the perfect shape to your abdominal muscles. In fact, if you consume it daily, you can entire reshape your belly.

Aside from being highly effective, this homemade fat-burning drink is quite easy to prepare. Actually it’ll only take a few minutes of your time. It’s also the best way to start a healthy and well-balanced diet.


1. Take a bunch of fresh parsley and blend it in a food processor.
2. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add it to the parsley.
3. Add half a cup of water in the mixture and blend for a few more seconds.

This mixture works extremely fast and you’ll be able to see the first results in only 2-3 days. The key to its effectiveness is parsley, which is packed with vitamins crucial for proper digestion. Lemons on the other hand are highly beneficial for fat burning. Aside for reshaping your belly, this mixture will also improve your metabolism.

For optimal results, you should take this drink on an empty stomach for 5 days every morning. Then, you make a 10-day break and repeat the process.

Other drinks you can consider

Below we provide a list of beneficial refreshing beverages you can also include into your diet to further stimulate the weight loss process.

Flavored Water: Slice different fruits and vegetables. Put them in a mug then fill the mug with cold water. This will not only enhance the plain-tasting water, but also enrich it with numerous vitamins your body needs.

Green tea: Drinking freshly-brewed cold green tea will significantly improve your digestion and reduce belly fat. You can add honey to sweeten it up.

Watermelon smoothie: Watermelon is one of the best smoothie ingredients because it packs a lot of water. Combine this refreshing fruit with ice and yoghurt to make the perfect smoothie.

Last, but not least, remember that hard work and patience are crucial for success. Stick to a healthy diet and the parsley-lemon juice and you’ll get a flat belly in no time.

 Drink This And You’ll Lose 8 Pounds Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Days #health  #beauty #diy #fitness #fat

5 Butt Exercises that are better than Squats

It’s all about butt, buns, or booty, no matter what you call them we all want our butts to be as firm, and tight as possible. Who doesn’t want a backside that turns heads. However, this is the spot where women tend to hold the most body fat for the longest time.

You can do cardio until you pass out, but you won’t build a great bum unless you focus on that lower half of your body, the Gluteal is a big muscle.

Besides looking great, glutes are really important in stabilizing the pelvis preventing low back injury and adding a lot of power to your squat and other motions that involved the lower-body. A lot of people that sit down all day their glutes are going to be shut off, underactive and weak, and their hamstrings are going to be too strong and dominant.

In this article, we’ll show you the shorter route to a firm booty consisting of 5 great butt moves with far superior results than the plain old squat!

5 Butt Exercises that are better than Squats #health #beauty #fitness

1. Single-Leg Deadlift With Kettlebell

The single-leg deadlift not only works your backside, targeting both the hamstring and the glutes but also works the core.

– Hold a kettlebell (between 10 and 20 pounds) in your right hand, and lift your left foot slightly off the ground.
– Keeping your back neutral, lean your entire torso forward while raising your left leg, which should stay in line with your body. The kettlebell will lower toward the ground. Keep your left shoulder blade pulled down your back.
– With your back straight, return upright, coming to your starting position. This completes one rep. Maximize this move by keeping your right foot off the ground as you go through your reps.

– Do 12 reps on each leg, for three sets.

2. Curtsy Lunges

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Keeping your hips square, cross your right leg behind you and step backward as you lower your right knee toward the floor. Your left knee should remain directly above your left ankle. Pause, then press into your left heel as you stand and extend your right leg into a side kick. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds before you switch legs. Do 10 reps.

3. Hydrants with Leg Extension

Begin on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your wrists stacked over your shoulders. Lift your left knee toward the ceiling, then extend the left foot straight out to the side. Pause before you bend your knee again, and bring your leg back to starting position. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds on the left side before you switch to the right. Do 10 reps.
4. Step-Ups
Walking up flights of stairs is great for your tush, but stepping up onto a chair is an even more effective move.
– Stand in front of your chair and place your left foot in the center of the seat.
– Step up onto the chair and bring your right knee forward and up.
– Lower yourself back to the floor, with the foot landing quietly.
– Switch legs and repeat to complete one rep. Do 20 reps total.
5. Bear Plank Leg Lifts
Begin in a plank position with your shoulders stacked above your wrists. Bend both knees slightly as bend your left knee to 90 degrees. With a flexed foot, squeeze your glutes, and raise your right heel up toward the ceiling as high as you can. Pause, then bring your left knee back to meet your right knee. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds before switching sides. Do 10 reps.

If you cannot make it to a gym and need to workout from home, try my new Strong Body Guide that is helping busy women worldwide get into their best shape ever. Little to no equipment needed for most moves!

8 Kettlebell Exercises For Weight Loss Calorie Burning Overdrive

Learn why everyone from professional athletes to your favorite Hollywood celebrities are using these kettlebell exercises in their workouts. They’re a phenomenal way to tone your body, build muscle and increase cardio all in the same workout.

Did you know workouts using kettlebells are the best for burning high amounts of calories? In this study undertaken by the American Council on Exercise it was shown that when kettlebells were used in high-intensity interval training participants burned 20.2 calories per minute. That’s the same amount of calories burned as running at a 6-minute mile pace or cross-country skiing up hill!

Kettlebell exercises are super sculptors – the weight of a kettlebell isn’t evenly distributed which forces your stabilizer muscles to go into overdrive. These exercises are targeted at working your arms, shoulders, back, butt and core. Melt fat, increase muscle and improve your endurance – your whole body is about to become more slim and toned!

1Comfortable Grip Kettlebells For Total Body Workouts

Source: Amazon

First you’ll need to grab yourself a set of kettlebells. Kettlebells are always a great option for total body workouts. They take up minimal amounts of space and are just so effective and easy to use. These kettlebells are designed to have a more comfortable grip with a sleeker profile and smoother surface. You can grab a set that includes a 5-pound, 10-pound and 15-pound kettlebell and a workout DVD.


2Around-The-Body Rotation

Start by holding the kettlebell in front of your torso with both hands. Keep a slight bend in your knees and have your feet at hip-width apart. Pass the kettlebell into your right hand and move it behind your body from your right hand into your left hand. Bring the kettlebell around your body back to the front completing a full circle – that’s one rep.

Do 12 of these reps then swap directions and do another 12 reps without stopping. Repeat for a total of 3 sets in each direction.

Tip: Try to keep the kettlebell at exactly the same height while performing this exercise.

3Bent Over Row

Start by holding the kettlebell in your right hand and bend forward at the hips so that your torso is almost parallel to the ground. Let the kettlebell hang at arm’s length and grip the handle firmly. Keeping your arm tucked close to your side lift the kettlebell upwards with your elbow pointing towards the ceiling while keeping your torso in the same position. Lower the kettlebell back to arm’s length and you’ve completed one rep.

Do 12 reps on each side and repeat for a total of 3 sets on each side.

Tip: Try squeezing your upper back and pinching your shoulder blades together while doing this exercise.

4Dead Lift

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the kettlebell placed between your legs. Keep your knees slightly bent with your butt downward but not in a deep squat position. Keep your head in-line with your spine and with a firm grip on the handles lift the kettlebell up, then lower it back to its starting position. While doing the movement activate your glutes and hamstrings and push down on your heels as you stand up.

Do 12 reps and use a reasonably heavy kettlebell.

Tip: Try flexing your laterals during the lift to maintain good core stability.

5Figure 8’S

Start holding the kettlebell in your right hand and standing with your feet just over shoulder-width apart with your knees bent into a quarter squat position. Remember to keep your chest up and spine straight. Swing the kettlebell between your legs and behind your left leg while grabbing it with your left hand. Grab the kettlebell with your left hand and swing it back around between your legs and behind your right leg, while grabbing it with your right hand and back to the initial position completing a rep. You’ll want to do this for 12 reps.

Tip: Do the movement slowly and controlled while keeping your core braced.

6Half Get-Up

Start lying flat on your back with your legs straight and the kettlebell by your right side. Grip the kettlebell in your right hand and press it up while keeping your arm straight so that it is above your shoulder. Bend your left and place your foot on the floor while placing your left hand behind you on the ground for stabilization. Reverse the steps back down to the starting position and that is one rep. Complete 6 reps using your left hand then repeat 6 reps using your right hand.


Start by gripping the kettlebell in both hands between your legs at a stance just over shoulder width apart. Keeping your core braced, drop your hips into a squat position while letting the kettlebell hang just behind your heels. Driving through your hips, stand straight up and swing the kettlebell upwards to shoulder height. As it comes back down, bend your legs and return to the squat position – that’s a complete rep and you’ll want to do 20 of them.

Tip: Look forward while keeping your arms straight and squeezing your glutes when performing the swing.

8Front Squat

Start by standing with your feet at shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest with your elbows bent and it closed to your body. Bend at the knees and push your hip back until your knees are parallel to the ground. Remember to keep your chest up and back straight. Return to the standing position by pushing off from your heals and you’ve completed one rep. Do 20 front squats.


Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding the kettlebell overhead in your right hand. There should be a straight line from the kettlebell to your shoulder to your hip. While bracing your core slide your left hand down your left leg while bringing your torso to the ground. Push away with your opposite hip and slowly descend as far as you can while turning your chest and head to face the kettlebell. Slowly return to the starting position in a controlled movement. That’s one rep. Do 12 reps before repeating on the opposite side.

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The Strongest Drink That Burns Tummy Fat Immediately!!! My Neighbor Lost 15 Pounds in 5 Days with This Recipe

If you are already thinking about giving up on finding a good recipe that will really help you burn all the fat that keeps creating a city on your body, I have something to tell you, DON’T.

Today I have a successful story to share with you, I’m going to share a secret used by my neighbor to lose 15 pounds in just 5 days, which is just epic.

I will not spend all the time talking about how good is to work out and lose weight, it’s a fact that exercise plays a very important role when it comes to losing weight, but  most people don’t really like the idea of working out, besides, most people  have a lot of stuff to do during the day and end up not having time to hit the gym.

The reason why we always write about teas, drinks and recipes to lose weight it is because they mostly bring tons of other benefits than losing weight. Today we are going to share a recipe that can help you lose 15 pounds in 5 days, but notice that, due to your hormones level, age, stress,  and other factors, you may not reach this goal, but I can
guarantee you will at least lose 10 pounds in 5 days.

Recipe to lose 15 pounds in 5 days

The Strongest Drink That Burns Tummy Fat Immediately!!! My Neighbor Lost 15 Pounds in 5 Days with This Recipe #health #beauty #recipe #fat #belly


4 Cinnamon sticks
2 lemons
4 ginger roots

1 full hand of parsley

10 mint leaves

1 litter of water


Cinnamon is a thermogenic aliment, which means that it raises your body temperature, helping your body to increase metabolism and burn more fat. Besides, cinnamon controls insulin levels in your blood, which will prevent fat storage in your belly. Cinnamon will curb cravings that occur between meals, and during the night.


This ingredient has thermogenic properties, which means, it will raise your body temperature by increasing the circulation of blood. Rising your body temperature ginger increases your metabolism and helps burning more fat. The thermogenic properties of ginger will force your body to increase the metabolism in order to reset the normal temperature of the body.

Mint : This ingredient can be considered a secret weapon  when it comes to losing weight.

Many people don’t realise the importance of mint leaves when it come to loosing weight. Mint leaves can relax the muscles, which will allow the gas to pass, this fact will contribute to reduce stomach bloating. This leaves will also calm the muscles of the stomach and  help in the process of digestion.


Lemon contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. Drinking lemon juice will flush out the toxins from the body and encourage the liver to produce bile, which is an acid that is required for an efficient process of digestion.

Lemon is also rich in vitamin C,  an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. Drinking this lemonade will balance and maintain the pH levels in the body and help flush toxins and reduce pain and inflammation.


1- Wash all the ingredients listed above very well ( wash them at least two times).

2- In a bowl mix the cinnamon sticks and one litter of water, take it to the stove and  let it boil until it looks a bit red ( it may take 15-20 minutes).


8- Take the cinnamon juice and mix it with the litter smoothie you have in your blender.

9- Blend all the ingredients for at least 5 minutes.

10- Serve the drink in a cup and add 1 teaspoon of honey before drinking it.

This one litter may work for at least 2 days if you consume 250ml in the morning and at night, or it can also just last for a day if you consume 500ml in the morning and 500ml at night, it depends on how fast you want to lose the 15 pounds.

Notice that you cannot exceed one litter of this drink per day. Make sure you drink a lot of water while drinking this recipe and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed.

If you enjoyed this post please don’t forget to share and also comment your results in the comments section.

Sassy Water The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat In Just 4 Days


Cynthia Sass – Nutritionist and Author, the woman who invented this water or drink claims that after 4 days of regular consumption of this water, you may lose 9 lbs and reduce your waist size to 4 inches.

The preparation of this drink is easy and cheap, therefore you should try it! You have nothing to lose!  You can prepare this drink by yourself.


fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, one cucumber, one lemon and 8 ½ cups of fresh water (use filtered water or you may use bottled water- a cup of 250ml).

Wash the lemon, then cut it into halves and remove the seeds from it.
Each half should be sliced thinly and put into a bowl with water (8,5 hours) Do not peel the lemon or juice it in the water. Peel the cucumber and cut it into circles and after that put it into the water.

Take 8-12 fresh mint leaves, wash them and put it into the water. Peel the ginger and grate it into the mixture. Then, stir the mixture, cover the bowl, place it into the fridge and leave it overnight.

The next day, drink the cold Sassy water whenever you are thirsty. You should prepare the fresh Sassy water for every 4 days in order to see the results of it. You can also filter the water before pouring it into a glass.

The ‘Sassy’ water contains no calories and only the water (8 cups a day) helps in losing weight while the other ingredients boost the fat burning process and help you lose belly fat.

Sassy Water The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat In Just 4 Days #health #beauty #sassy #belly #fat #weight

Cure Joint And Knee Pain In Only 5 Days With This Magical Drink

This incredible recipe will help you soothe and cure joint, knee and ankle pain. It will also improve the strength of these body parts.

The recipe is effective against pain caused by genes, age, lifting heavy things and sports injuries.

Knee pain can be a huge problem since it can limit your normal daily movement. It often comes with age as there is less lubrication, less flexibility of the tendons and ligaments and the knees are weaker.

However, you can at least try to improve the lubrication of your joint with a proper diet.

The natural drink

This drink is loaded with vitamins and minerals and it will stop the pain in these body parts. It soothes the inflammation, gives you energy and provides your body with bromelain, vitamin C, silicon, potassium and magnesium.

Cure Joint And Knee Pain In Only 5 Days With This Magical Drink #health #beauty #fitness #pain #knee


7 grams of cinnamon
• 40 grams of raw honey
• 40 grams of almonds
• 2 cups of pineapples – diced
• 1 cup of oatmeal
• Orange juice


Soak the oatmeal in hot water and stir them well. Cook them and leave them to cool down. Then, in another bowl add the pineapple and the orange juice. Continue by adding the cinnamon and the almonds. Finally, add the honey. At the end, remember to mix all the ingredients well.

Put the mixture in a blender and blend until you get a smooth texture. Then, add the oatmeal and blend the mixture once again.

You can consume the mixture after you are done. You can also consume it as a smoothie and add ice in it.

Consume the drink every day and your knee, joint and ankle problems will be gone once and for all.